Getting started

Advanced Shop GUI with an exceptional configuration

zShop is a shop plugin, your players will be able to sell and buy items, permissions, enchantments or orders. Very easy to use for the player and configuration for you. The plugin’s default configuration shows you all its possibilities. Indeed, the plugin uses the zMenu API, which makes it extremely powerful whether its configuration or consumption on your server.


  • Open source

  • Very advanced default configuration, adapted there to your economy in a few minutes.

  • High-quality code, perfect for any type of server

  • Sell multiple enchantments, permissions and commands, you can even request a confirmation before purchase.

  • Allows players to sell and buy items

  • Sell mobs spawner, no need for a spawner plugin, the plugin will directly place the spawner with the right entity


Just put the plugin in the plugins folder of your server. You must also have the plugin zMenu on your server.

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